Why reconstructable?

Many discussions showed that the benefits of reconstructability is not evident.

Therefore we describe here the main advantages of reconstructability

Ecological footprint

The easy assembly and disassembly minimize waste and allows careful use of resources and environment.

Reuse material without demolition

Since all parts are designed for reuse and there is no demolition the value of the building raises because all material can be reused with minimal treatement. This has both an economical and ecological value.

Provide housing for any period of time

The ease of assembly and disassembly of the reconstructable house allows housing for any period of time. It can be used for for a couple of weeks or dozens of years or as an temporary or emergency lodging.

Fast reaction on changing demands

The easy and fast assembly and disassembly allows a much faster reaction on changing market needs compared to conventional buildings.

The paradigm to fast build and decompose a building opens new technical dimensions:

From calculation to verification

Instead of static calculations only the stability and service performance can be tested and measured. This improves security and enables continuous improvement.


Continuous control and efficient renovation

It is possible to control and maintain a building continuously. Parts showing abrasion can be easily replaced whenever needed.