The square house

The square house, as it name says, is in the essence a square box. This box is designed to allow combination in all directions.

This design has two outstanding advantages. As all connections are non-destructive, you can add or remove new modules any time after the base construction. So you can build a bigger house in phases and adjust to your private or business needs.

And adding more elements is not an issue at all. In contrary new elements even improve the stability. We prove by example!

So now you can build your stairway to heaven according to your temporary needs and finance in manageable portions over time.

Like all our constructions you can surround the stable cernel of the building with isolation material of your choice of any thickness.

The construction is based on the same design principles: stable, easy to construct and fully reusable.

We are in the middle of testing to find the right size of the base unit that allows easy assembly on site and and combinations of the base unit to form larger rooms and additional floors.