There are 2 ways of getting a reconstructable house – buying or renting.


The price for the square house will be between 25’000 and 35’000 Euro depending on the situation of the construction site and the foundation soil.

This price will drop significantly if several houses can be built on the same lot as this will reduce the cost of transport, work and maintenance significantly. Therefore you might think to get a reconstructable house within a group like a housing cooperative.

If you buy a house the guaranty will be five years and you will have to do the common maintenance work on your own.

Renting for a defined period of time

We are  working on a new service called “living as a service”. You will be able to define any period between a few weeks and dozen of years. During this time we will check and maintain the building shell. You don’t have to care about renovation cost and at the end you simply leave the place. The rent will be about 5000 Euros per year for a five year contract, also depending on the reachbility of the site and the foundation soil.

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