Our strategy is to provide few but excellent models. In order to provide a high quality at a low price, each product is carefully designed and tested.

The development is working so far on 2 type of houses: A hexagonal and a square one. Both types come in 2 version:

    • A bare empty space that you can decorate on your own or have it developed by an interior designer
    • A so called shelter interior which is simple and cost efficient to start living in straight away

If you want to find out how the rehouse can be used now, you find more information under Applications. To find out about the intended development, see Next Generation

Hexagonal house

The hexagonal house is our first product released with a lot of nice qualities:

  • It is enlightened from 5 to 6 sides providing a maximum of light
  • you can easily change the room layout by combining any number of the 6 triangles
  • The stability of a hexagonal construction is superior to the square construction as the forces on the edges can be better distributed
  • It does not damage the environment as it is built on removable poles
  • It can be easily isolated to match any standard

The price for a single unit will be between 25’000 and 50’000 Euros depending on the standard and the site to build. Note that the construction of set of houses reduces the price a lot as described in cooperative housing

Square house

In many places the hexagonal construction is not applicable due to geometry or social acceptance. For this reason there is also a model with a square foot print.

This house has some advantages too.

  • it is easier to assemble since it has 4 walls instead of 6
  • it is more discreet since its conventional shape attracts less attention
  • you can extended and combine the base element easily to form bigger constructions