Welcome to the Reconstructable House Project page!

We just finished the first Reconstructable House in Jura, Switzerland. Please read the News

The goal of our project is to create a solid house with a minimal ecological footprint at a moderate price.

The major innovation of the construction is its design for zero waste. Therefore we designed the construction to assemble and disassemble it easily.  Only 2 people can build house in two days. That is by hand and without the usage of heavy  machinery!

After decomposition we will reuse all elements after a short check. By doing so will significantly improve the energy balance in comparison to conventional house building.

Further we improve the energy balance by using huge well exposed windows. They allow to heat the room with sunshine in a few hours to a comfortable room temperature. And we install the solar system to run a heat pump. In the next version we try adapt the design to cover all facades exposed to the sun by solar panels and become self-sufficient.

And last but not least we also aim to reduce the costs.

We use natural material to provide a pleasant and healthy indoor climate.

So come and visit the house to get your own impression. Or contact us if you want to find out more. And if you like it get involved and contribute!