Welcome to the Reconstructable House project!

The goal of our project is to create a solid and sustainable house at a moderate price by applying circular economy to building.

Applying circular economy to building

The design principle of the Reconstructable House is based on the idea of circular economy to reuse all parts and leave zero waste. Through intensive research and test we search the easiest way to build the house.  And now only 2 people can build house in a day –  by hand and without the usage of heavy  machinery!

Sustainability during the whole life cycle

We apply the principles of circular economy and lean management to the entire building process to make it more solid,  sustainable and economical. As a consequence we are able to cover the whole lifecycle of a building with our  integrated digital production process including design, planning, building and disassembly. 

The easy assembly without machinery allows to place the building in sensitive environments

Sustainable and solid by quality assurance

One of the major innovation is the continuous improvement of the construction by introducing quality assurance before and after building of each house.

As we design all elements to be non-destructive and reusable, we can test their quality before and after the construction. This allowed us to significantly improve the stability and ease of assembly through modeling before the first installation.

In addition we will also be able to increase the guarantee for the building because we can replace parts also during the lifespan.

Improve the ecological and economical balance

We don’t have to recycle the parts because after decomposition and a short quality check we can reuse all elements. And this significantly improves the  ecological footprint! It also reduces the costs in comparison to conventional house building.

We reinforced the kernel to achieve a higher stability compared to a conventional wooden building. Now you can surround the building with your favorite natural material. By adapting the thickness of the outer walls you can choose any local material for isolation. If it has a lower thermal transmittance like straw, wools or hemp you can easily compensate by adding more material.

We also try to increase the usage of primary energy to make the building self-sufficient. Huge windows illuminate the room and warm it up. And we can extend the solar system to produce all energy for living.

And last but not least the easy mounting and reuse of the parts also reduces the costs.

Assert the healthy climate

The usage of natural untreated material provides a healthy indoor climate and cosy atmosphere. Come and visit us the Reconstructable House in Jura, Switzerland to get your own impression!

. Check out the bright and cosy athmosphere

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