Reconstructable house for the architect

Though there will be a few prefabricated houses as base units for most simple usage, the essence of the Reconstructable House is to provide a highly stable and easy to build kernel.  This kernels can get combined, enhanced and decorated to match the users need. The key benefit of these kernels is their proven static quality and easy assembly. This is shorten construction time compared to conventional buildings as the proof of the limit bearing capacity is shortened and the assembly process is well defined.

For the architect this construction provides an intuitive, easytouse base module. It allows architects to quickly create homes that can be altered and customized. And of course the quality assured types greatly reduce the price for planning and construction.

Maybe the greatest advantage over conventional buildings is its predesigned extensability allowing to change the size and shape of the building anytime.

The difference to the present design process is the fact that only kernels are offered that are well tested as security and stability are two of the fundamental design princibles. However, a process to create individual sizes of the kernel will be available in the future.