Becoming self-sufficient

Now that the solar system and the isolation is in place we started measuring the temparature to find the real numbers. And we see very promising results: A sunshine period of only hours heats the interior to 20°. 

During the cooling of the night the temparture remains 10° higher – with a minimal isolation. 

Even with only 4 solar pads of 100 Watts the energy is to be sufficient to run a heat pump. However we will continue the measurement during winter to get the full year results and to dimension the heat pump.

Now we are working on a new version where the whole sun exposed side will be covered with solar panels to maximize the energy production. We plan to install 20 m2 surface per unit. Thus 2 units built together can produce the energy to fully supply a full household. Details coming.


The firstling

14.12.2021 We built the first reconstructable house was built in Jura, Switzerland! We open it for visitors, so please contact us for a date or find out more about the first reconstructable house