We are proud to present the first reconstructable house in Courgenay, Jura!

After more then 20 years of design and development we managed to build it straight away and achieved a marvelous stability.

And it turned out to be really nice. The room is very spacious and the complete facing with plain untreated wood effuses a comforting and healthy athmosphere.

The first Reconstructable House in Courgenay, Switzerland


The five surrounding windows offer a view like in a gallery, but with living pictures and fill the room with light and warmth. The hexagonal form and the full view bestows the place an almost mystic sensation.

The untreated wood used for the interior provides a cosy and healthy atmosphere.


If you spend the night in the house during a storm feeling how stable the building is and letting the wind and rain lulling you into sleep you will get a memory that you don’t forget.

And if in the morning you are awakened by the concert of the birds singing in front of the windows, then you never want to go away again.

Eve's window
A look through “Eves window” where you can pick an apple in summer


And these are the machines and tools it took to build the reconstructable house:

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