Get involved and contribute

We are looking forward to find people who would like to get involved, participate or cooperate in any way.  There are many ways how you can contribute:

You can support the project simply by lending money. We still are looking for credits and offer 1% interest per year. You could also donate money, however we look at donation as loan without interest that we will pay back after we reach the break even point.

We are looking also for direct forms of cooperation.

For instance with individuals, associations, coopeartives or investors who would like to initiate the building of a house or a small settlement.

We look for architects and planners who are able to develop a project in their countries and construction companies who are interested to assemble and maintain a house locally.

And last but not least we are looking for promoters bringing the idea in personal contacts to the people.

So if you would like to join the project in any way don’t hesitate to Contact