Housing cooperative

If you want to share your ideas and dreams of sustainable housing with others, you may want to consider to join a housing association or cooperative as this provides a lot of advantages:

Cost reduction

If you create the buildings as a group, you can divide the cost of the land aquisition, the financing and planing.

Since transport and work are the most expensive factor of the reconstructable house, building houses in a group reduces the costs a lot as you need only 1 transport for material and worker. This also applies to maintenance phase we are going to offer.

An often overseen advantage is the fact that you need less land due to the building law prescribing mostly a minimal distance of the house to the land boundary, whereas the distance of the buildings within the lot is undefined. So if you build 4 units together, you need about the double of land. But you can redistribute the total land costs by 4 instead of one! So each party pays half the price.

Increase financial power

As buying a piece of land is becoming very expensive it is a great advantage to bring the money of several individuals together which will allow you to buy a bigger lot then if you buy it on your own.


If a couple of parties build together you can share infrastructure (like workshops, kitchen, shower or a seperated  heating cabin).

In addition you can share the organisational effort needed to maintain the building and the environment.

And the advantage beyond price is the fact that you have a social group and environment to interact and exchange experience.