Markus Baumgartner


Building a house based on circle economy and lean management


As an engineer I love to build and develop things. The idea of building a reconstructable house came to my mind in the nineties. At that time I participated in the construction of new building. Later on I also contributed to the replacement, dismantling and disposal of quite new buildings. I saw the huge amount of money and energy used to create buildings to create buildings that can stay for ages. But as the requirements for a building change more frequently in modern times, buildings of one generation often don’t fit for the next one. Thus we demolish building one or two dozen years later, even when the building is totally fit for purpose, but it doesn’t match the current taste or economical demands.

This waste impressed me so much that I started to think how to improve this situation.¬† I thought about a concept for buildings that we can mount easily and eventually also disassemble¬† into its pieces. To achieve this I used circle economy as basic design principle. And as I learned more about lean management, I also used the agile principle to introduce small development cycles . That’s how I came to build the “Reconstructable House” based on lean management and circle economy.

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